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Shoprite is the most popular supermarket chain in U.S. is the official myshoprite experience survey site in which you can say all about your experience at the store. After filling the survey of my Shoprite experience with loyalty, you get a chance to win the reward of $500 gift card monthly. Your feedback helps the company improve its services and you also get a chance to win a surprise gift at the end. Also, win $500 BJ’s gift card by completing BJ’s feedback survey.

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About my shoprite

Sweepstakes1 October 2019 - 30 September 2020
LocationUnited States
Age18 years or older
RewardWin $500 gift card monthly

Log on to myshoprite and fill the information related to myshopRite experience. Get a chance to win the reward of a $500 gift card monthly.

Requirements – myshopriteexperience.con

There are some requirements for myshoprite survey.

  • A working computer / PC with an internet connection.
  • Receipt of your recent visit at ShopRite.
  • Ability to understand English or Spanish language.
  • Enter details like store receipt number, date and time, etc present on the receipt.
  • An ability to recall your last myshoprite experience.
  • Web browser enabled with Javascript.
  • Moreover, you must be 18 or older in age to take part in the myshopriteexperience com survey.

Steps by Step Guide –

  • First of all, Visit the official survey website directed at or my shoprite survey.
  • Enter the details required and click the Start button.

  • You can start the survey without entering the above information.
  • The survey consists of 10 – 15 small easy to solve questions.
  • Try to answer all of the questions with loyalty to the best of your knowledge.
  • Upon completing the survey, the special code is redeemed to get a surprise gift.
  • The coupon code can redeem within 30 days of the time period.

Facts – Myshoprite experience

  • Items such as Egglands best eggs are a store-specific manager special sale price. These store-specific sales depend on a variety of things, such as overstocking of an item, expiration dates or new packaging of the product. Stay tuned, you never know what deals you will find while doing shopping.
  • Typically, stacking occurs between a coupon provided by a store and a manufacturer coupon. ShopRite’s online coupons are digital coupons. In most cases “stacking” of two manufacture coupons is prohibited by the terms & conditions which are written on those coupons.
  • They only provide the first 5000 customers who get a chance to get that specific coupon. However, if the coupon is listed in their weekly flyer then there is no save limit and everyone has the opportunity to use that particular coupon.
  • It is sad to say that you are restricted to the number of coupons you can save to your Price and loyalty card. It may seem like 175 is more than enough, but sometimes it is not.
  • You can read and watch this short video at my Shoprite what loss leaders are. Each week you can find “Loss Leaders” on the home page of the ShopRite store flyer.

My Shoprite experience app

ShopRite offers an app too which makes it easier to save your time and money. The site navigation makes it easier to get where you want to go, browse all coupon categories.


About – ShopRite

ShopRite Supermarket is a retailer’s cooperative chain of supermarkets based in the United States. It usually sells bakery, dairy, deli, frozen foods, meat, pharmacy, seafood and much more. ShopRite is another most popular supermarket chain in the United States.

It was formerly Shop-Rite. The supermarket chain operates in New Jersey, New York, and Delaware and other states of the US. The store currently has more than 250 branches nationwide and has plans on expanding more branches. On the other hand, you can also participate in the Kmart feedback survey and win a $4,000 Kmart Gift Card.


Contact Information

  • ShopRite Survey URL:
  • ShopRite Official Website:

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  1. S453 R6 19 C453177 The cashier was very helpful, polite and pleasant. She is always
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