Everyday Murphy USA distributes specially marked receipts to its customers inviting them to take the MurphyUSA customer satisfaction survey & give their feedback. Everyone who enters the survey automatically enters the lucky draw of $100 Free Gas. MurphyUSA picks 20 random people every month who entered the TellMurphyUSA survey sweepstakes

Wendy’s known for its amazing food wants to hear from its customers & is giving away Free Wendy’s $2 off coupon code to anyone who enters the survey and takes time to give Wendy Survey feedback. Wendy’s customer satisfaction survey is called TalktoWendys and is available at or

Wal-mart gets thousands of customers every day and with such a massive customer base, it’s hard to know what problems are being faced by them each day. To make feedback easy and interesting, Walmart introduced their Walmart customer satisfaction survey available at Now every individual who enters the Walmart